Jan 3, Annie’s first stage – a good start

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I met Annie this afternoon immediately after she arrived to the bivouac. Her position after SS1 was no.41. She said she wasn’t very happy with herself. She mentioned she did too many mistakes. Many People cheering, many 90 degrees fast turns.  Because she was late this morning at the start, and lost some additional time refueling, she got caught by the dust cloud of the competitors. “Tomorrow is another day” she said. I could see the frustration on her face, but I’m sure tomorrow she will be happier.
/ Dunerider
A chaotic morning. Short of time on the liasion because of trouble at the fuel station. So I started as 110 instead of 93. I overtook many riders in all the dust. It’ was very dangerous, couldn’t see anything. Many others had accidents.
But I had a good flow and the engine is strong. Several top bikers damaged the tyres, but I had no problems. Though the oil pressure worried me. Luckily I found the reason: a hose was squeezed, so I fixed it.
A very good rally start: finished as 41!
/ Posted by Sis Eila

6 thoughts on “Jan 3, Annie’s first stage – a good start

    Rene said:
    2009/01/05 at 19:53

    Very good riding, keep on and you will get the better of them. Good luck from Denmark


    Peter said:
    2009/01/04 at 10:25

    Nooooo, tumbs up!!!!!!!!
    You are great!


    FERNANDO said:
    2009/01/04 at 00:30

    Go, go, go !!!! you can do better next time !!! GOOD LUCK !!!


    Lars L said:
    2009/01/03 at 22:44

    Hello Princess
    We are holding our thumbs (Swedish original expression) for you – good luck for the second day!
    Fans you never met _ living in Danderyd…


    Peter said:
    2009/01/03 at 22:04

    Well donr Annie!
    Keep up the good work and it will pay of in the end!!!
    Always drive with the inside……..

    Good luck……………………


    Marcelo said:
    2009/01/03 at 21:47

    Annie, I saw you in Versus Ace. and I believe that sos the person who gives a beauty color him to the Dakar. your average of speed of 102 km/hr not this bad one. Now your challenge begins not to lose the position and to empesar to raise. Luck


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