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Annie signing autographs for fans

Christina Meier (GER) & Annie Seel (SWE)


2010 People

Road sign Argentina-Chile

Annie at the roadsign in Stockholm. Navigation starts already at home! (Image by Tomas Oneborg, SvD)

Annie - so cool

Her Majesty Rallyprincess Annie herself - so cool

Annie & Casteu

Annie & David Casteu #3 (Fra)

Alain Duclos & Annie

Alain Duclos #14 (Fra) & Annie

Mange & Annie ready for new year's party

Mange & Annie ready for new year's party

Tean Husaberg Ausralia focusing

Team Husaberg Ausralia focusing before rally

Rally info meeting

A meeting for Dakar rally info

Public cheering #3 Casteu

Public cheering #3 Casteu

Spectators in Buenos Aires at Dakar opening

Quite a few people watching the opening of Dakar rally

Annie in a crowd of fans & photographers

Annie in a crowd of fans & photographers. Note the back of helmet!

Annie with fan Stanton

Annie with fan Stanton (photographer)

Santa Claus in dakar rally

Santa Claus in dakar rally. Where are the reindeers?


2010 Vehicles

Marc Coma #1 & bike

Marc Coma #1 (Esp) & bike

Jordi Viladoms #6

Jordi Viladoms #6 (Esp)

Rob Pollard & wife Alana

Rob Pollard #122 (aus) fixing his bike, supervised by wife Alana

Cyrils Despres' KTM

Cyrils Despres' KTM


2010 Surroundings

Traffic jam Buenos Aires

Traffic jam Buenos Aires

Checking out the podium

Checking out the podium

Wealthy people's graveyard at night

Wealthy people's graveyard at night

Crashed chopper in Fiambala

Chopper crashed 2010 Jan 4 in Fiambala. Two pilots and two journalists on board injured.

Dunes between Iquique and Antofagasta

A biker riding over wide dunes between Iquique and Antofagasta

Boots at tent

My boots! I've been looking for them...

Santa Rosa dakar center

Santa Rosa dakar & internet center


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  1. Bir Gitta Lunden says:

    Go Annie! See You Bir Gitta

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